Doing something good is good for your mental health. It's that simple.

Giving something back or volunteering can create a positive experience and support your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Through Community Minded we can support you to give back to the local community through volunteering or setting up your own community action groups.

Who is this service for?

Maybe you’ve been struggling with anxiety or low mood and are looking for ways to connect with others and build some self esteem. Or maybe you’ve been out of work and want to develop new skills to help you on your journey back to employment. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to volunteer but need a confidence boost to help you on your way.

We help lots of people with different stories and reasons for wanting to get involved with their local community.

To access our support you must be

  • aged 18+

  • living in Middlesbrough or Stockton on Tees

What we can do to help you

Giving back or volunteering is a great way to connect with others, build confidence and self esteem and find new ways to put your skills and experience to good use.

Our experienced team will get to know you, work with you, and together you’ll develop a plan that will include

  • support to increase your skills and confidence

  • access to our 'Get Ready to Give Back' training course where you will meet other like-minded people and learn practical skills that will prepare you for volunteering and build your confidence

  • support to find the right opportunity for you to volunteer in a way which suits you and fits into your life

  • support to set up a community group or activity that helps to support others

The important thing to remember is you don’t have to commit lots of time, and we’ll make things as simple as possible for you.

How do we deliver this service?

We can work with you face to face in one of our offices in Middlesbrough or Stockton.

Or, if you prefer, we can meet you online or we can provide telephone support.

We can be flexible to suit you and your needs.

How can you access this service?

You can complete the referral form below and one of our team will be in touch.

Alternatively, your GP or another support agency can refer you.

If you have any questions about the service then you can reach out to the team on 01642 257020.

Resources you may find useful

We know how important it is to have clear information or somewhere to turn quickly when you need some extra support.

So, here are links to other sources of information that may be useful for you.

Our Five Ways to Wellbeing guide shows the little ways you're able to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

“The team has supported me with my social anxiety and helped me realise I have skills and experience that I had taken for granted. I now volunteer for a cause I care about.”

Community Minded
Community Minded