We're all different, have different strengths and experience different challenges, so our projects and services are designed to help people in different ways.

If you're not sure which service is right for you then don't worry, you can call our team and we'll help you find the best support for your needs.

  • Advocacy


    If you or someone you care for needs help being heard

  • Arts & Minds

    Arts & Minds

    If you want to try boosting your mood and meet new people

  • Befriending


    If you're lonely or isolated and want to connect through a weekly call

  • Carers & Families

    Carers & Families

    If you're caring for or supporting someone

  • Children, Young People & Families

    Children, Young People & Families

    If you're a child, young person or family

  • Community Minded

    Community Minded

    If you're looking to connect with other people and boost your confidence

  • Community Outreach

    Community Outreach

    If you're from an ethnically diverse or minority community

  • Firm Foundations

    Firm Foundations

    If you're experiencing financial hardship and want to get back on track

  • Impact On Teesside

    Impact On Teesside

    If you're looking for counselling, group support or wellbeing courses

  • Money & Me

    Money & Me

    If you're finances are having an impact on your mental health



    If you're looking to meet new people who share similar experiences

  • Realise


    If you're looking for private counselling and therapy

  • Rooted in Nature

    Rooted in Nature

    If you'd like to try improving your mental health through nature

  • Social Prescribing

    Social Prescribing

    If you're looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing

  • The Sakina Project

    The Sakina Project

    If you're an expectant or new mother looking for emotional support

  • Workplace Wellbeing

    Workplace Wellbeing

    If you're a business looking for mental health consultancy or training

Projects that can be commissioned or used by professionals

Some of our services have been designed collaboratively with professionals, some have been commissioned by professional bodies and organisations and some are designed to be used by professionals.

  • Mental Health Cancer Care

    Mental Health Cancer Care

    For healthcare professionals supporting anyone affected by cancer and their mental health

  • Primary Care Outreach & Support

    Primary Care Outreach & Support

    Helping Primary Care Networks identify and support Carers

  • Schools in Mind

    Schools in Mind

    Working with schools to provide bespoke support packages