Over 3000 hours reached by Volunteers

The 1 June 2018 marks the start of Volunteers Week.

A week to recognise and celebrate all the volunteers and trustees that make Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind what it is.

So far this year our volunteers have committed over 3000 hours to our organisation through a variety of roles from admin, campaigning to recovery champions and supporting people through custody.

Let’s hear from some of our volunteers:

Kate Sedgewick, Anti-stigma volunteer said:

“I volunteer with the anti-stigma group because there should no longer be a negative stigma attached to mental illness. With mental health issues being so prevalent across the entirety of our society, everyone should feel comfortable opening up about their personal struggles and be greeted with acceptance and support. I love to feel part of the team - a group of people with varying experiences but a united commitment to reducing the stigma of mental health”.

Steven Moolgaoker, Recovery Champion & Appropriate Adult volunteer said:

“Volunteering has a lot more opportunities than you may think and there’s lots of ways to make a difference. I buzz from it, if anyone is sat in their house reading this and hesitating thinking they’re not good enough or are suffering, go and tip your toes in the water and find out. Come and meet people like me”.

Leah, Anti-stigma volunteer said:

“Before I started volunteering, I thought it was very limited as to what you could do. I mainly thought it would be working (for free) in a charity shop. There’s so much more to it. You can give your time by fundraising, writing blogs or taking part in videos/filming, attending training and anti-stigma meetings to raise awareness around mental health. There is so much more, and you’re never expected to do something you don’t want to do, or you aren’t comfortable with. You are the one giving your time, so you still have a say in how you can help”.

Our volunteers make a huge impact with the people we work with and support so this week is a great opportunity to thank them all for their continued commitment.

If you would like to look at our current volunteering roles, click here.

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