Results Day: Advice for young people

It's the summer holidays and that also means Results Day is approaching.

When you've done all you can, its common to feel anxious about your exam results but don't stress! We've asked people what advice they'd give to their younger self who have been in your shoes and it’s important that no matter what grades are on that paper, you can still achieve your ambitions.

advice for young people

Don't give up!

Whether you get the results you expected or not, that's OK. When one door closes, another opens. You've survived your exams and you should feel proud. There's lots of different routes you can go down to finding where you belong as Janet and Vicky explains:

"I was told I wasn't intelligent enough to go to College. Later, I completed 3 A levels and 2 GCSE's in a year, followed by a Degree and then a Master’s degree. All with excellent grades! That showed them!"

"I got 2 GCSEs and no A levels at all but I have just graduated with a 2:1. Dreams and hopes don't have a time limit, you will get there in the end."

Congratulate yourself

No matter what the outcome is - you've worked hard! Everyone's path is different, so take your time to decide what you want to next. Try not to make decisions in the heat of the moment or feel like you need to follow your friends. It’s your grades and your future!

Work out your next steps and ask for help when you need it, you'll be surprised how different everyone’s educational journey is. Moving on to further education or employment is a very personal thing, as Dianne and Claire explain:

"I failed A levels when I was young - so went to university much later than I planned. I now have distinction for a Master’s Degree with Newcastle University!"

"Although I did pass my GCSE's, due to certain life events I never managed to get my A Levels or go to Uni. My results ended up being words on paper. At 32 years of age I am now in a position where I can chase my dreams, with life and work experience as well as a more clear vision of where I need to be. I am due to start college in September with the push to start Uni in 2018."

"My son failed AS levels - changed colleges and got passes (but just) worked for a year and then went to University and got his Degree (1st)."

Take time for yourself

Sometimes the stress and worry can get you down leading up to results day. Make sure to stay connect to your passions and use each stressful situation as a learning experience. Having time for yourself and being able to reflect, is important on how to deal with stressful and overwhelming situations.

advice for young people

It's your future

Don't compare your grades and yourself to others. Some people are very academic whereas others are more creative, everyone is different!

If your friends have achieved bad grades, reassure them and support each other. If they have achieved better grades, it’s important to remember everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, goals and plans. There is no right or wrong step like Chris, Leah and Alessandra explain:

"Learn to be patient and stick at things even though they seem difficult, don't give up, keep trying."

"Don't rush, there's plenty of time to discover yourself and find out more about your own interests and to take time to pursue them further. "

"It isn't the be all and end all. Bad grades don't close doors and good ones don't open them. The doors you want to open can be opened whenever you want them to be."

Good luck to everyone receiving their results this week, it's one step into your future...

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