It's time to talk about mental health

Today is a very important calendar event for mental health charities. Thursday 2nd February 2017 is Time to Talk day.

A national campaign forwarded by Time to Change to make awareness of mental health and for people to start the conversation.

"Conversations about mental health change lives".

Although mental health should be talked about all year round, for people who haven’t spoken out, make today that day.

Here at Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind, we don’t want anyone to suffer in silence so take today to ask someone if they are okay or tell someone how you are feeling.

In time, we will break the stigma attached to mental health so like today, it’s important to make your own mental health a priority.

At the moment, too many people with mental health problems are made to feel isolated, ashamed and worthless by other people’s reactions.

But talking about mental health doesn’t need to be difficult. It can be as simple as making time to have a cup of tea or go for a walk, and listening to someone talk about how they feel.

Whatever the hour, every conversation, every text, every share means more people are reached and more lives are changed.

You can be a part of it. Today we’ll be backing this campaign from our staff, volunteers and even two local footballers from Middlesbrough football Club.

Being open about mental health and ready to listen can make a positive difference to someone’s life...

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