Rebecca Earl raised £450 for us in her first fundraising event!

Caption: Thank you Rebecca for fundriasing for us, it was great to meet you!

Last month, Rebecca Earl ran a fundraising night all in aid of Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind!

Her first ever charity event and she raised £450. With such a generous amount, we wanted to show our appreciation and acknowledge the work she’s done for us.

Rebecca has suffered with panic attacks and anxiety for about 10 years. We really admire her for taking the courage to come in and hand the cheque in person along with her friend who also suffers from anxiety.

The Mind fundraising night was hosted on 19th August and the night included a DJ, singers, raffles and prizes. Rebecca’s friends helped her with prizes which included MFC signed gloves, scarf and even an hour limousine ride with free champagne.

“I know how hard it is for funds, people who I know can hopefully get help from this too”.

After such a successful night, Rebecca hopes the money donated to Middlesbrough and Stockton mind can give a benefit to someone in the local area.

“I just want to take control and give something back, if I can help one person I will”.

Rebecca feels really proud about doing the charity event and it give her something to focus on and keep her mind active. She was so enthusiastic about our work and we found it so inspirational to see someone raising money for us and stepping into a new place.

She describes mental health as a chemical imbalance and that we’re not robots, we can’t function perfectly 24/7. Rebecca really wants to end the stigma around Mental Health and hopes this donation can make a difference.

“Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there”.

Rebecca couldn’t praise Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind enough about the work we do and we really are thankful for her donation and kind words.

“Their little godsends, they don’t realise the huge impact they have on our lives, I just want to thank you all for the work you do”.

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