Ten simple ways to reduce stress

Dealing with stress is challenging and finding ways to combat stress is completely unique to everyone. Our bodies and minds are beautifully unique so it's important for you to find your perfect method, unique to your body. Here's ten ideas to help reduce stress -

1. Avoid caffine, alcohol and nicotine

Although you may feel you recieve a short term relief, that is the problem - it's only short term.

2. Indulge in physical activity

Proven time and time again, pysical activity releases those happy endorphins and you will feel better for it!

3. Get more sleep

You need to recharge so allow yourself the sleep your body needs.

4. Try relaxation techniques

There's so many out there we could write pages! Do a little research and find the method suited to you.

5. Talk to some one

Sometimes it's the last thing you want to do but sharing your thoughts with another can really release a lot of worry. If you don't feel like speaking to someone face to face pop them a message.

6. Write, draw or read

Allow your mind to be somewhere else for a few moments and immerse yourself.

7. Take control

This means something different to everyone. For some of us it could be writing a list, for others it could be taking on that task thats you've been putting off. Whatever it is, find it and take control.

8. Manage your time

Making sure you leave yourself enough time throughout your day wether it be for work or to put the washing on can make a huge difference.

9. learn to say no

Remember to look after yourself. If you need to say no, remember to.

10. Rest

Finally, make sure you rest. Giving your body the proper time to recharge is invaluable.

If you would like to learn more about managing stress, try our Stress Busting course. 

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