Tussle on Teesside fundraising night!

Caption: Ralph Jordinson along with his best friend James Kelly, will be competing in Caged Boxing for the first time to fundraise for us!

It’s always great to see people actively fundraising for our charity, so when Ralph got in touch with us we just had to share his inspirational story.

On 29th October 2016, Ralph Jordinson along with his best friend James Kelly, will be competing in Caged Boxing for the first time to fundraise for Middlesbrough and Stockton mind.

As part of combat challenge UK, Ralph (Halph) and James (Jimbob) will be hijacking the show for half an hour to ‘even the score’ while fundraising for a good cause.

Ralph and James have both fought each other around half a dozen times in Brazilian Jiujitsu competitions, but never with boxing gloves.

“We are raising as much money as possible for the local Stockton and Middlesbrough Mind - the mental health charity who offer counselling and support services to anyone who experiences any mental health issues from anxiety/depressive disorders through to suicidal thoughts and self-harm”.

Over a year ago, Ralph suffered with clinical depression. His life spiralled under life circumstances and now he feels he wants to give something back. We offered Ralph one to one counselling and he said it has really helped him get his life back on track.

“I wasn’t able to cope at all.”

Ralph was a competitive athlete prior to his mental health and competed in a lot of competitions. Getting back into sport, allowed him to keep focused and given him a piece of normality again.

Keeping his mind healthy through sport.

Brazilian Jujitsu is about taking an opponent to the ground, it aims to stop the fight. It’s not just about physical endurance, it’s also about keeping your mind focused on what your opponent may do next.

Ralph describes it as human chess, your that emerged into the game, so for that couple of moments he didn’t have chance to think about his depression.

He’s always been super productive and while working at MyPlace Middlesbrough, he also runs a youth project and coaches children in Brazilian Jujitsu.

Ralph is now stable and like all of us, still has his good and bad days. James feels like he got his best friend back and like Ralph, wants to help raise a lot of money by doing something different.

The Jiujitsu community Ralph trains with, have done lots of things for charity but this event is the first time he will be fundraising for Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind.

“Mental health issues really are hidden killers and there is so much stigma attached to the topic, with many people suffering in silence for fear of being excluded or lack of support”.

Ralph asks that “all friends and anyone interested, please give all you can for this great charity and the work that they do for anyone who has mental health issues and also raising awareness of these issues”.

The event will take place in Hartlepool’s prestigious Borough Hall on the headland. Tickets can be purchased from Halph and Jimbob for £25.

The night will also be raffling a number of prizes such as signed Boxing gloves by Multiple time K1 Boxing Champion Ernesto Hoost and a free years gym membership with Evolution Gym.

You can find more information and to donate here

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