Stephen Gale raised £150 for us in memory of his brother!

It’s always great to hear people actively fundraising for our charity, so when Stephen got in touch with us we just had to share his inspirational story.

Last week Stephen Gale kindly donated £150 to us after sadly losing his brother Gordon in March this year.

Gordon was a part of our charity for over 20 years. Gordon went to our Time Out service, a weekly place for people to attend to do activities like bingo, listen to music and chat to other people with refreshments.

Gordon had a real passion for music says his older brother Stephen.

“He was like a walking jukebox”.

Gordon was described by a lot of our staff, friends and family as a human charts archive. It was quite unbelievable how much he knew about music. Everyone is gifted in other ways and for Gordon it was his ability to remember music release dates, chart history and even naming the tune.

Stephen said Gordon definitely had a photographic memory when it came to music. This was put to good use every Thursday where Gordon and Stephen would go to a local pub to play in the pop quiz.

“9/10 times we would win. His knowledge was so vast, he would know all the number ones when they were out”.

Stephen says Gordon had a great circle of friends and family but at times it was very difficult for him. He adapted very quickly to the care system and started to attend Time Out as a change of scenery.

Stephen and Gordon had a great brotherly bond through music. Stephen would buy Gordon any Album he wanted with his pocket money and they’d even visit concerts together. They have seen a great vast of iconic pop stars over the years such as Tina turner, the Kinks, Police and even the Rolling Stones.

“We’ve had some great laughs over the years together”.

Gordon’s music collection was very varied but his favourite decade had to be the 80s. Stephen thinks his collection was definitely over 500 from CDs to Vinyl.

“There’s a fine line between Mental illness and Genius” and for Gordon it was his knowledge of music.

He loved a lot of pop icons but one of his all-time favourites were the Beatles.

In Gordon’s memory, Stephen and his family and friends decided to sell Gordon’s collection and donate to some good causes. They sold his music in car boots sales and all the proceeds are going to a couple of charities including Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind.

“He was a good human being, he never had a bad bone in his body”.

Stephen also expressed that a tree has been planted in memory of Gordon but the most heartfelt story he mentioned is his trip to Cambodia next month.

Stephen has visited Cambodia on a number of occasions. He visits the place to take clothes for the orphanages around the area. He told us about one particular family he become really close with. When he arrives next month, he’s going to use the money from Gordon’s collection to buy the family a cow, for sustainability.

It was so inspiring to listen to Stephens’s story and the family have even decided to name the cow after Gordon, in the hope they can live more sustainably and make a living to provide the children with the right education.

A huge thank you to Stephen and his family for choosing Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind to donate and it’s very motivational to hear about all the thought gone into the donations. Our deepest condolences with his brother Gordon, he is missed by all.

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