Meet Graham our gardener!

Caption: Graham has done a great job at renovating the garden!
Caption: Look how great it looks now!
Caption: Graham says with gardening, you are left alone to use your imagination!
Caption: He hopes to add young hedgehogs to the garden and has even made the habitats ready for them.
Caption: We can’t thank Graham enough for his hard work and contribution to our move In, Move On service garden.

Three years ago, Graham Wilson began his volunteering role at Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind as a Mental Health Mentor. Since then, Graham has now took on the role as our gardener for our Move in, Move on service.

Move in and Move on is a residential service which provides housing for seven people for up to twelve weeks. While you are with us we will provide you with intensive, recovery focused support.

Before Graham started, the garden was very basic with very little foliage. He wanted the garden to be an inviting place where the residents can enjoy the view and get themselves outside.

As well as maintaining his own allotment, Graham visits our residential service every Friday with more visits during the summer. It’s great to see how much he has improved the surroundings with a shed, greenhouse, seating areas and even a vegetable patch.

“With gardening you are left alone to use your imagination”.

Graham has done exactly that but he likes to encourage the residents to get involved by picking what flowers they would like and has even took them to garden centres for ideas.

“I enjoy what I’m doing, it’s definitely a self-accomplishment when you see your ideas in real life”.

Graham has planted a great range of fruit trees in the garden including plum, cherry, apple and pear. The garden is filled with home grown produce so aside from the trees, the vegetable patch has also contained cauliflower, potatoes, turnip, onions and he even has a couple of tomato trees.

It’s all home grown for the residents to use and help themselves.

A lot of the gardening essentials have been kindly donated from Middlesbrough Environment City such as composts, the shed, greenhouse and even flower buds.

“We couldn’t make the garden as it is without Middlesbrough Environmental City”.

In the future, Graham hopes to add young hedgehogs to the garden and has even made the habitats ready for them. He is currently putting bird houses around the trees to encourage more wildlife.

He has also started creating a rockery made out of stones and logs provided by the National Trust at Ormesby Hall.
Graham believes that gardening is a good way to stay focused and would like to encourage the residents to get more involved.

“With the struggles and problems they may have, gardening is something for them to focus on and it’s something in life”.

Aside from volunteering at Middlesbrough and Stockton mind, he is also as a support worker for Teesside Stroke club. He works with stoke patients of all ages young and elderly along with other volunteers to help them exercise and stay safe.

We can’t thank Graham enough for his hard work and contribution to our Move In, Move On service. He really has made the garden somewhere everyone can enjoy all year round and it’s inspiring to see someone so enthusiastic to make a difference for the residents living there.

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