Mental Health in Students

The Student population is amongst the highest effected by mental health problems in the UK.

Adademic succes in young people is at an all time high, and yet this is overshadowed by the troubling prospects of mental health vulnerability. Stress in the number one problem. Emotional health can become very delicate and lead to further physical problems such as aches, pains, ulcers, IBS, eczema and weight gain. This is severly unerrepresented in the media and therefor often becomes overlooked.

A lot of this suffering goes undiagnosed as people often don’t understand what they are going through and the constant pressure of University being ‘the time of your life’ can lead students to resent themselves for lack of enjoyment and ignore negative thoughts.

Being homesick is also a major issue. The majority of students leave home for the first time for Uni and underestimate how drastic a change they are putting themselves through.
Anxiety can begin with the build up of moving out and leaving loved ones behind, leading to panic attacks and insomnia induced by fear and unfamiliarity. Social anxiety is also high up among problems within the student community; new situations such as taking public transport in an unknown place, and the promise of having to confront strangers through their classes. This can result in missing valuable contact time because they cannot bare to face unfamiliar situations.

Mental health problems are on the rise within our young communities and people are suffering without help, effecting their social lives and education.
Learning to cope and understand symptoms is just the beginning, young people need to learn not to be ashamed of their problems or shy away from opening up to others.
There is nothing wrong with admitting what you are going through, and nobody is ever alone in their suffering. We strive to remove the stigma of Mental Health and work to help those in needs, so nobody goes through mental illness alone.

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