Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is vital to our role as human beings. it is the back bone of our routines , and without it we start to slip into disease, injury and a lower quality of life. Sleep deprivation is very common, It would seem we underestimate the position of sleep within our lifestyles and yet undeniably we struggle to exist without it. Around 40% of people suffer from insomnia, and most people in Britain sleep less that 7 hours a night. This might even seem a lot to some people but it is actually on the lower level of what is necessary to fuel a healthy body.

Some commons tips for improving sleep are;

  • Exercise early in the day - When you work out really does make all the difference
  • Make sleep a priority. -There is nothing wrong with taking a nap, having an early night, or a lie in. This won’t make you lazy.
  • Switch off electronics- An easy solution.
  • Sleep aids won’t work forever-sleeping pills aren’t a long term answer
  • See a specialist- There’s plenty of people out there to help you, living with sleep deprivation doesn’t need to happen.

Living Life Service offer a 5 week course on ‘Improving Your Sleep,’ The course will help people understand their difficulties around sleep and build up a tool kit to improve their sleep routines as well as their thoughts and attitudes towards sleeping.

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