Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, or manic depression is a serious mental health disorder that causes extreme shifts in mood and energy levels. It can swing from one extreme to the other and can lead to heavy periods of depression where you feel low and lethargic, to a sudden burst of mania where you feel euphoric and happy; even overactive.

The disorder alters depending on the person, some suffer symptoms for weeks on end, whereas others may vary quickly and feel they never experience a ‘normal’ mood. Bipolar is often diagnosed as ‘clinical depression’ initially until a future episode of mania is experienced, when bipolar will then be diagnosed. People can often suffer from overwhelming bouts of depression, which can lead to severe self-neglect and even self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

During a manic phase, a person can be full of ambition and ideas and hope, people can spend vast amounts of money they can’t afford or wouldn’t normally think to. Symptoms such as not needing to eat or sleep and talking very enthusiastically and quickly can occur. Creativity can blossom in these periods but often can be accompanied by psychosis, such as hearing voices.

  • Bipolar disorder effects one in every 100 adults at some part in there life
  • Bipolar can occur at any age, but most often between 19 and 24
  • Everyone who suffers from bipolar, suffers differently

It is important to recognise the symptoms specific to you and be aware of any possible triggers, which may occur. Many options are available for sufferers such as medication from doctors; often these are mood stabilisers and can be taken every day. Psychologists can help, as can alternative therapies, as well as lifestyle advice such as regular exercise, planning activates and improving your diet and sleep routines.

There are lots of people going through similar problems and there’s always help available. We can provide you with advise on how to ease the symptoms and support groups to help get your life back on track. We also have our ‘connect recovery college’ with a range of courses to help you start making changes.

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