New Course - Improving Your Sleep Routine

We have an exciting new 4 week course to help all you unhappys sleepers improve your patterns.  60% of adults don’t get enough sleep, and its no wonder when we have such busy lives these days. There are always things to keep us awake at night. But some people struggle more than others. This is why we are providing a new course to help you get the most out of your night time nod.  

Heres a few little tips to get you started; 

• Drinking a glass of wine before bedtime can make you feel nice and sleepy, but actually encourages abnormal sleeping patters. (damnit.)

• The darker the better! No monsters will appear if you sleep in the dark, we promise!

• Turn of your electrical gadgets and gizmos at least half an hour before you pap out. Them emails can wait until morning!

• Have you tried yoga?

• Don’t be afraid to take a nap, (we don’t judge – but we might be jealous!)


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