How many spoons have you used today?

The Spoon Theory is a really useful way to conserve and plan your energy throughout the day.

Most people start the day without having to think too much about what they need to do, whereas people with a health condition have to plan ahead. A healthy person has a good supply of energy to use throughout the day, where as a person with a health condition has significantly less, i.e. 12 spoons. The spoons represent the energy needed to complete each task. Each spoon represents a task such as taking a shower, making a cup of tea, preparing a meal, reading a book, housework or taking a walk.

Having only 12 spoons in a day means you have to think carefully about how you use and conserve your energy, this can be tricky to master at first, however with practice you can learn how to use the spoon theory to make your day less physically and emotionally demanding meaning you don’t burn out as often and feel able to cope better in all aspects of your life.

The spoon Theory was devised by Christine Miserandino. Christine has Lupus, an autoimmune condition which causes chronic pain from swelling in the joints and also causes severe fatigue.

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