A Royal Visit for WMHD

The Duke and Duchess or Cambridge are due to visit a Mind event held at Harrow College this Saturday to raise awareness of mental healh and young people for World Mental Health Day.

Mental Health Day takes place yearly in order to raise awareness to the increasing number of people in the UK suffering from mental heath problems, and to help illuminate the stigma surrounding the issue.

One in four adults will suffer from a mental health problem in any given year. This is an alarmingly high statistic and yet, there is still a taboo surrounding comfortable discussion of our mental health struggles.
Just like a physical illness, mental illness needs to be treated safely and with dignity but unfortunately only a quarter of sufferers seek help, leaving the majority of people going it alone with their mental health problems.

A key way of battling this stigma is by providing people with more information regarding mental illness from an early age and attempting to prevent the stigma from developing and therefore suppling help for those suffering before their problems grow.

This October people across the UK can help raise awareness by filling social media with facts and figures surrounding mental health, success stories and places to get help. Everything that can help people with knowing help is available to never be ashamed of coming forward with a mental health issue.

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