The festive period can be a difficult for people even without throwing in Mental illness

Let’s be honest – even if you’re not suffering from any mental health issues, the festive period can be stressful and often disappointing. We run ourselves ragged buying gifts, cooking, decorating and entertaining. Tempers flare as we’re thrown together with relatives whom we see infrequently, and don’t necessarily enjoy spending time with. 

When you are suffering from a mental health issue it’s a total different ball game.  The idea of doing all this festive stuff while you’re not yourself  is beyond overwhelming. Shop for Christmas presents? You’re having trouble getting out to shop for food! Decorate the house? You don’t even know if you’ll get laundry done so you’ll have clean underwear tomorrow. Send out Christmas cards to 50 of your closest relatives and friends? What would you say in them – “Doing awful. My new pastime is staring at the ceiling.I can’t wait till the holidays are over. Don’t bother to call. By the way, Happy Holidays!”.

Doesn't quite work does it? 

It’s miserable to be unhappy during Christmas so if you are talk to us. We listen, we care and we understand. 

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