Fraser's Story...

Whilst being involved in one of Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind’s groups, Fraser and another member discussed how they would like to set up a peer support group for those that had experiences of

MOM’s (Mind Over Matter) Peer Support group experiences

After completing an informational course 4 years ago, with others who are affected by bipolar, Ivor and another member wanted to continue meeting with the group as they found sharing their experiences

Swift-tees: A community support group

Swift-tees is a community support group, where walking, jogging and running is practiced as a way to improve both mental and physical health as well as overall well being. At each session the route

Leonie’s Story…

Due to personal experiences of anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, Leonie found a way to feel more focussed and relaxed through mindfulness art and poetry. Leonie had tried group therapy, but

Steph's Story: Raindrops to Rainbows: A peer support group for those with pre/postnatal depression

Having experienced postnatal depression after having her second child, Steph felt that she had little support or people to turn to who had an understanding of what she was going through. At the time

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