Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, or manic depression is a serious mental health disorder that causes extreme shifts in mood and energy levels. It can swing from one extreme to the other and can lead to heavy periods

The Most Common Mental Illness: Anxiety Disorder

The world health organisation has discovered that the most common mental illness in the world is Anxiety Disorder.

4.7% of the British population suffer from anxiety and 9.7% from combined anxiety

WhaleHill Event

Come to our Big Open Day!

We believe everybody suffering with a mental health difficulty should be able to get support quickly and easily.

We show support in many different ways in order to appeal

People with mental health problems put off of sport because they are not ‘gym body ready’

New research, released today by Mind shows that four fifths (80 per cent) of people with mental health problems who do not take part in sport, are put off because they feel self-conscious about their

New Course - Improving Your Sleep Routine

We have an exciting new 4 week course to help all you unhappys sleepers improve your patterns.  60% of adults don’t get enough sleep, and its no wonder when we have such busy lives these days. There

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